Lighting and host of other questions


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May 31, 2009
Hello everyone,

I have jumped backed into planted aquarium and seemed to have hit some hurdles

Set up

1. Aquarium- 72 inches x 30 inches x 25 inches - about 280 gallon

2. Filtration- Overflow along the length of one side with two return pipes. The overflow sump in in basement with a 50 gallon sump being upgraded to 125 gallon sump. The sump is divided by 4 inches of poret foam

3. CO2 injection : with CO2 bubbles being injected directly into the inline pump and the water is pumped about 15 feet above to reach the aquarium. No misting is seen. Bubbles per minute appears to have not settled yet with variability seen after few days of me setting the regulator

4. Lighting- 4 x54 6500k T5HO bulbs sitting on top of aquarium- might not be enough light- willing to change if needed

5. substrate - ADA amazonia but it covered only 2 inches , so added Seachem Flourite to it for total of 4 inches or so. Aquarium substrate fertilizer tablet added at 2 inches distance throughout the substrate

6. Fishes- None

7. Plants- Primarily lots of crypt lutea + some amazon sword + ludwidgia peruensis + 1 Aponogeton Ulvaceous

8. Aquarium water parameters- Ammonia- small amount (the lowest color change on API ), nitrite and nitrate are also at the lowest amount. pH~ 6.6. Tap pH is 7

9. Excel use - yes

The tank has been set up for about 3 weeks and I am steadily battling algae despite addition of extra Flourish excel. Its green hair algae.

I am quite willing to change set up if needed.


1. Will the algae situation improve if the plants take hold and continue to improve ?

2. The drop checker is saying that I have very little CO2 and I have no pearling- pH drop is a little and I am willing to go up on CO2 that is being pushed in but there is already a fair amount going through. And there is no misting- Should I be pushing any more CO2

3. Lighting- I have been hunting for a 72 inch solution for the aquarium - preferrably a single unit that I can hang, may be from the ceiling to give a sense of connection from tall ceiling to the floor (at least the designer feels that should be the way to do it). Other than Odyssea, no one else seems to do one and the Odyssea I have seems to be a little on the lower side of lighting. I wanted to go towards low light aquarium with very little high light plants ---- Should I change my light and if so, is there one that can be recommended ?

Thank you for taking time to look through my question and attempting to answer it.


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May 12, 2013
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Three weeks into Aquasoil you SHOULD have algae. This will pass in 3 more weeks. Keep doing water changes.

Yeah, that substrate fertilizer tablet has to go, IMO. That throws a monkey wrench into your otherwise well-laid plans.

Light is probably OK.

Pearling - not enough CO2 or light or both. Assume light is enough and increase CO2 until pH drops by 1 to 1.2 points as measured with a calibrated pH probe.


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May 31, 2009
Thank you for the reply.

I will keep the light and not go any higher. Any idea if the lux meter app on iphone 7 work well ? If not is there anyone on forum who is willing to lend me a PAR meter?

I will increase CO2.

Not sure if I can take out the fertilizer tablet- its in and there are lots of them, so unlikely to be feasible.

I am trying to set up and automatic water change system, so should have that done in couple of weeks.

Will report back if there is any change