Light for a 10g tank


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Aug 19, 2005

I am setting up a 10g tank to accomodate grass plants like hemianthous and other plants that require high lighting. I have access to three kinds of compact fluorescent lights:

1. Interpet Daylight 36w or 55w
2. Interpet Triplus 36w or 55w
3. A 55w 6500k CFL (Light Bulbs UK - Buy Energy Saving Light Bulbs, Halogen Lamps and Fluorescent Tubes)

So I ask what should I use above my 10g tank if I intend to use high maintenance plants. I am going to have DIY CO2 injection and will dose macro and micro nutrients. No fish. Currently I am following Tom Barr's dry start methos so I am waiting for the grass to fill up the tank.



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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

I think any of these would do fine. I would not get any 55w bulb. That will be way too much. Even a 35w is a lot of light.

See if you can place the light fixture so it can be raised/lowered instead of sitting on the tank.

Your bigger issue esp with 'high maintenance' plants will be c02 due to the amount of light your plants are going to receive.

Most 'difficult' plants got that reputation due to bad conditions in the tank. Too much light and not enough c02 will kill any plant......

DIY c02 is not know for it's stability.

Please note that it is the amount of light that drives plant growth and thus nutrient demand including c02.

What kind of substrate will you use? It will help if it has nutrients like ADA or eco complete, etc.

Are you going to dose the water column?

Can you go to a 20 gal? That would do better I think and give you more room for error and to scape/have more fish.

Larger volumes of water are more stable than smaller ones in general.

Filtration, etc?

I grew amazon chain sword by the bushel full in a 10 gal with no dosing or c02, just some fish, and 15 watts of flouro lighting......


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Oct 31, 2007
under 20 liters and more than 200 liter do not apply the absurd rule of 1 WxL.

in short, i will go for 36 watts at most. but with a football team of Co2. and nutrients.

thats is the amazing of nanos: you put a high steroided plant in 5 pieces of glass and add a bunch of stuffs and make see marvelous.