Light, Fert And Bba Questions

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
Note: PM's will all end like this if they are sent to me: That is why we have a discussion forum so folks can help other hobbyists. Otherwise I get 10-20 questions in my PM and I'm just not going to answer them all.

"Greetings. I am new to this site. I have a 110 gal tall freshwater tank. I made a few mistakes but I think I am slowly getting on a right path. I have a few questions:

1. Lighting: I have two fluval aquasky LED lights, each 35 watt, running the entire length of the tank. Is it adequate considering my tank dimensions in inches: length 48, height 29, depth 18. Substrate depth about 2 inches. Lights sit on the top of the glass. Lighting are on for 6 hrs a day.

2. EI: I use dry ferts 1-2 times a week using your recs for low tech excel tank with weekly 50% water change. I also introduced around 20 florish tabs into substrate when I started planting since I think I over-vaccumed when I just had plastic plants and fish. I have "easy" plants - anubias, java fern, swords, lily, horwort, anacharis, creeping charlie, fox tail, crypts. I used dry CSM-B once, at half recommended dose, instead of flourush compr and the next day my anubias root system, fox tail and hornwort started turning bronze. I am checking my water parameters and it seems to be ok: GH - 6, KH -3, Nitrates 20-30, Phosphates 4-5, ph 7.0, zero nitrites and zero ammonia. Some leaves look burned but i do have some normal new growth. What am I doing wrong?

3. BBA: I have some BBA which do not seem to go away on the driftwood. I will introduce otos and SAE next week. Amano shrimps do not like my tank and sit closer to the surface. I use excel at double dose ( 20cc daily), have two fluval 406 canister filters and curculation pump designed for up to 135 gal

I appreciate any advise from the expert! Thank you for your help"

Feel free to help them.