Light Calculator questionable?


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Sep 21, 2017
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So am I understanding this correctly?

The calculator says that 12 x 5W Cree LEDs (I'm using Cree-XP-g2 to be specific) should be 10" above a 48wx12lx13h tank with 4" substrate to give me a PAR of 55.


However, the calculator assumes all these LEDs are on the same strip across the tank.

Given that 6 lights suspended 5" above this tank would give me similar PAR (according to this calculator)...

If I divide my lights between two fixtures @ 6 lights/rail, then I can space the fixtures so I have about 6" between the front lights and the back lights, at a height of 5" above the tank. This should give me some adequate level of "high" light that would be manageable with pressurized CO2 and minor dimming/raising to account for the overlapping light?


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Mar 17, 2023
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I'm going to create a dedicated thread for this and a form that will allow members to submit the data.

@VaughnH as you are the light master ;) could you please list all Requirements for the form.

Fixture Name
Fixture Size
No# of Bulbs
Distance at 6"
Distance at 12"


Once I have all this data I'll create a form.

Also I would like to point out that @fablau is the guy that does the the clever backend stuff on the LED Lighting Calculator :) I'm the guy for the frontend GUI stuff, my design and Fabs engine.

Hello. kinda new to led lighting... I have a 60x60 led light 36watts 10pcs connected, my question is what would be the total load in kva. thank you


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Jan 30, 2022
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Different led diodes and lenses will give very different values.
You need the models of the different leds to calculate a proper value.
I did a calculation of my 66 gallon tank and got 43 PAR. I have measured 40 so the calculator is good at least for my tank.