less ferts, less CO2???



Hi, I use 3 bps of CO2 in the tank but I cut the ferts by a week and the fish are gasping for air (I see that today). The plants are stopping consuming CO2? I down the bubble rate.


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Hola Brian,

Initially I would look to something else...

Have you been increasing or adjusting the bubble rate lately?

I have seen that changes in the bubble rate can cause fish stress for me even several days to a week later. It is a cumulative effect.

I don't rule it out, but have you made ANY OTHER changes? If so, I would look to them.

I have changed my EI dosing considerably over a week or two and not changed the c02 and had no issues.

Lo siento, pero yo olvide si tienes DIY c02 o no? Is that right? (I am sorry, but do you have DIY c02 or not?) was my question...

Hope this helps.