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Lava Rock And Phosphates Problem?

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plant Fertilization' started by dav.tomassini, May 31, 2020.

  1. dav.tomassini

    dav.tomassini New Member

    Jul 16, 2017
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    6:39 AM
    Hi There,

    I am not able to keep my phosphates level. In a matter of a couple of days a PO4 dose of 0.5ppm drops to non measurable values.

    All the plants are struggling with deficiency symptoms mostly on the older leaves. For sure they are not consuming a lot of phosphates, first because there is not yet a lot of plants and second because they are stunting.

    It is a low-tech 120L tank with liquid carbon (normal recommended dose) and RO water. I have never had this problem in the past. The only things that I have done differently this time is:
    - to use quite a bit of lava rock to support the substrate for the dragon stone aquascaping. At a rough guess,I have used about 15 Kg of lava rock
    - My eheim Prof 4+ 350T is fully packed with a lot of bio-media (susbstrate pro by eheim) as I am using a pre-filter for the mechanical filtration. It used to have far less bio-media (the one that comes included when you buy it!) in my previous set-up.

    I have easy growing plants medium density, ADA soil and moderate light. Very,very standard and simple set-up...

    I keep these values quite constant without problems apart from the PO4::
    KH 2
    Ca= 30 ppm
    Mg=10 ppm
    NO3= 10-15 ppm
    (PO4=0.5 ppm)
    Fe: 0,2 ppm
    K= 20ppm

    and I also dose all the other traces moderately and I perform 50% weekly water changes.

    Can it be the lava rock??

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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