For Sale: Large Xmas Moss Mats (great For Shrimp!)


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Sep 19, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
Hi All!

I got some super shrimp moss mats that are excellent additions to your shrimp tanks. I have 4 very large and dense moss mats for sale for $16 each shipped or buy all of them for $48 shipped.

Each of these mats contain a black polyethylene base (shown in picture) along with a stainless steel mesh that is tied to the polyethylene base with fishing line. These mats make excellent shrimp tank moss mats because they pack a ton of microfauna and surface area for the shrimps to graze on.

Check out the pictures below and PM me if you're interested in them! WYSIWYG!

Shipping is $8 via USPS small flat rate. I accept payment via PayPal only.

20180919_Moss Mats.jpg

20180919_Moss Mat back.jpg

20180919_Moss Mat SS Mesh.jpg

20180923_Moss Mats XL.jpg
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