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Ok, this winter I am considering getting a larger tank, and selling off the smaller ones, but I am not sure where to buy one (in the 4- 6 foot range, no smaller than an ADA 120P) other than ADA (the 120P and 120H, the latter of which being $1200- quite the expense for an 18 year old) I know that glass cages in Tennessee sells rimless tanks, but we have all heard the horror stories, and I don't want to think about sloppy silicone.
I know Tom recommends Lemar, but I'm pretty sure this is only a California thing.

I was also quite a bit interested in travelling down to the AGA conference in Fort Lauderdale this November, but I would have to pay for the trip entirely on my own, which would take a considerable bite out of my funds for a tank- I might have to skip this and wait for the next one in 2012, but that's another story.

I would love to hear your all's thoughts and comments.


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Dec 30, 2009
Use black silicon looks better then the transparent one and it does not discolor when you use medicine.


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Sep 23, 2007
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Hey Chris,

Buy the largest you can afford....don't forget to shop used as well. e-bay, LFS, classifieds, etc. You may be surpised.

Or you can build one yourself and save much $ on parts and labor.

I live about 30 mins from Ft Laud and also want to attend this show..

PM me if you really may go and I can at least buy you a meal out here so you don't starve, being a student and all :)

I can provide a few LFS to see, the big al's is the 'best' as in biggest, but we don't have the really nice ones like other states seem to have....

You can also critique my tank in person.....

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Jan 23, 2005
GLA sells some nice looking tanks, they are on the way to FL, in Gainesville, might contact him directly.

Tom Barr


Thanks guys. Gerry, I went to Big Al's last year on the way back from Hollywood Beach. Biggest lfs I've ever been in haha. Even though I do love building things, I would be too afraid to build a large rimless tank on my own, and I don't think the silicone would turn out very nice, though it would be cheaper and come with that pride element. I don't want my tank failing like what happened to Scolley over on PTF.
Tom- I thought about GLA, but I already bought their largest tank haha- the 48 gallon tank that I have now. I know Orlando has been wanting to get 4 foot tanks for a while now. Hopefully the new line that they are coming out with will have something around the size I'm looking for.
Well hey, it just occurred to me that UK is playing at Florida this year in football. Hmm.
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