LaMotte nitrate and phosphate test kits


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Jan 19, 2011
San Diego, California

Probably not the best crowd to hawk these to, but I'm on a roll.

The nitrate (3110) kit tests 0-10 ppm nitrogen or 0 to 44 ppm nitrate. It has a color comparing device they call an Octa-Slide, and the kit is about 1/2 used up with half of the reagents sealed up. The test works, but I personally have a tough time distinguishing the colors. Refills are available here.

The reviews for this kit are good.

$20 OBO (considered), not including shipping.

The phosphate (3121-01) kit tests 0-2.0 ppm PO4. This kit still works, but, again, maybe it's my age or something, but I just can't distinguish the shadings. About half used up, but refills are available here.

$20 OBO (considered), not including shipping.

Please PM me if interested.

Thank you.
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