KH and TH (?) in ADA setups

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Jan 8, 2007
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Hi Tom,

I am a new subscriber and currently reading old issues of Barr Reports breathless. Aqua Soil and liquid ferts analysis have been very helpful. A few ADA-related questions -to which you might have already known the answers- which have always been full of question marks for me:

1) I have never encountered any reference to KH values in any ADA tanks. What is their approach? There is no item in their product line for this. I haven't seen any article from ADA on the same either.
2) What do they refer to as "TH"? If it is GH then it is almost always around 20 mg/l that is slightly more than 1dGH. How does someone maintain a tank by using only ADA products as well as RO water? What is their technique behind the mineralisation?

Many t(h)anks.


Jan 24, 2005
Cologne, Germany

obviously I'm not Tom but here is what I can tell you regarding your questions:

#1 "Nature Aquarium World" released in the early nineties talks about KHs as high as 2 to 3°dH

#2 This same question was asked by me some months ago. Nozomi Hayakawa replied as follows:

Dear Detlef,

Thank you for your e-mail.
TH as TOTAL hardness.

Best regards,

Nozomi Hayakawa
Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd.

Hello from Germany!

May I ask you a question concerning the sukei data stated along with quite
all the scapes presented by ADA.
Are you talking about TH as total hardness (magnesium and calcium) or do you
mean TH as temporary hardness (carbonates)?

Thanks for replying!

Best regards, Detlef
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