Just making sure this is normal


Oct 31, 2013
Tank parameters

120g (48x24x24)
Filter - Fluval FX6
CO2 - AM1000 closed loop
Lighting - 48" marineland led and 48" BML 10k planted led
Lighting period - 6 hours
PH - 7.6 before CO2 - 6.8ish during CO2
KH - 6 drops
GH - 3 drops
Nitrates - 20ppm
Phosphate - 5
Ferts - EI
Macro 30 mil every other day
Micro 30 mil every other day
Add 4 teaspoons of Epsom salts every water change
Water change 3x week

Plants - about 120 Staurogyne Repens in foreground. About 150 of the following Rotala Wallichii, Rotala Rotundifolia, Bacopa Caroliniana, Nesaea Pedicellata, Ludwigia Repens "Rubin" and Pogostemon Erectus

History - tank has been planted about a week. Normal new tank syndrome with a bit of white cloudiness. At the moment all lights and CO2 are on timers

Problem - see pics...S. Repens are turning light green and melting. Is this normal? Just trying to be patient...but if something is wrong I want to correct it immediately...I don't mind being patient and waiting for them to "return"! All of the other plants have sprouted new growth and seem to be doing well.

I appreciate your thoughts and advise!

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