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Java Moss stagnated

Discussion in 'General Plant Topics' started by evandro.carrenho, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. evandro.carrenho

    Local Time:
    5:49 PM
    My Java Moss is stagnated while glossostigma, echinodorus tenelus, microsorum and anubias still grow.

    All the plants are growing in a lower rate since I have set-up the tank, but Java moss is definetly stagnated.

    20 gallons tank - running for 9 months now
    substrate: elos bottom mineral, elos terra, aquasoil amazonia powder type
    fertilizers: 4 ml tropica nutrition plus daily; 4 ml ada brighty K daily; 4ml seahem iron once a week; ADA ECA 32 drops once a week.
    lighting: 3 x 24w T5 (arcadia overtank luminaire)

    Does Java Moss has any special requirement in terms of nutrients that is causing this stagnation?

  2. mythin

    mythin Junior Poster

    Jul 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Local Time:
    11:49 PM
    Mosses tend to grow very slow if the water is warmer from what I have noticed. Other than that, mosses are pretty much one of the least demanding plants you can have besides a few varieties that do require higher lights (weeping moss). What is your tank temperature?
  3. evandro.carrenho

    Local Time:
    5:49 PM
    Temperature is 25Celsius - 78F.

    During the day it may go 1 or 2Celsius up, but not more than that.

    When the tank was initially setup it was still summer in my country, so that variation would be even higher, and still java moss was growing.

    It seems that the substrate aging has to do with it. I suspect that nutrients where leaching during initial setup... but at the same time, I agree that mosses are the least demaning plants... so difficult to say.
  4. Biollante

    Biollante Lifetime Charter Member
    Lifetime Member

    Jun 21, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Local Time:
    11:49 PM
    Non Java Maybe?

    Hi Evandro,

    Is it possible it is a Willow or some other non Java Moss?

    I have never had a problem I can recall with Java Mosses in that temperature range, a few degrees higher and I start running into a few.;)

    Here is a good site for information and comparisions of mosses. Untitled Document :)

  5. evandro.carrenho

    Local Time:
    5:49 PM
    Finally found the root cause of this problem after a few months: siamese algae eater.

    I have a chrossocheilus siamensis that is a little grown already and it started eating moss. The symptons on the moss are: there is always a tip growing on each moss thread, but the tail of the thread looks like burned, without any moss leafs, as if it has been peeled.

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