Is This Hair Algae?

Pierre-Luc Boily

New Member
Jul 4, 2018
Montreal, QC
3 weeks ago, I had problems with GSA and what I thought hair algae. What I did :

  1. Dripped my plants on a 5% bleach solution. This unfortunately killed my hygrophila siemensis 53b. But My anubias, bacopa and microsorum looks like new now!
  2. Did a lot of trimming
  3. Came back to my original LED light (800 lumens), which I think is enough power for the plants I have. I think my T5HO 2x24w was wayyy to much light for my aquarium\plants.
  4. I am using my LED light (800 lumens) for a total of 8 hours a day, separated in two 4 hours photoperiod.
  5. Switch for the premium tropica fertilizer,one dose every day (2ml) instead of the green one. This fertilizer does not have ammonia nor nitrogen. I think it is better for my needs, since I have already a good bio load (16 fish)

So, I thought that everything was ok. GSA definitively gone, but hair algae is coming back slowly (it was kind of an outbreak the first time). I say hair algae, but I am not sure anymore. My amano don`t like it. My snails either. I can`t remove it manually, it is firmly attached to leaves.

My questions,
  1. what is the algae is the picture below?
  2. What can I do ?
  3. Should I cut in the photoperiod, 5-6 hours of light a day?

My tank running since 90 days, have plants since 80 days