Introducing myself


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Jul 6, 2009
The Netherlands
Hi Tom and all other people visiting this forum. After being around this forum for a week and subscribing to this very helpful site I thought maybe it's nice to introduce myself.
I registered on this site as dutchy, which means I'm from the Netherlands (seems I'm not alone here) I'm a 49 year old IT manager who works for the Dutch government.
Aquariums started to be a hobby for me at the age of 15, but after around 5 years I had to give it up. So, now, 30 years later I'm back!! Soon I found out that the advance in technology also found it's way to this hobby and I started to read, read and read. I also found out that there's a lot of BS around based on assumptions, but I was looking for some logic and research. And it seems I found it!!
Of course I have some questions for which I want to find answers, like the right amount of light (hot topic now) and eradication of algae.
And of course, if I can help others, I will.