Introduce yourself and tell us what do you keep?


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Sep 18, 2021
Hello all, I'm Scott from Southern California. Im still very new to planted tanks and found this site looking for info about water peramitors and nutrients levels. Seem like everyone is very friendly here so i decided to stay awhile.. anyway i have 2 tanks currently a 20 gallon and a 10 gallon the 20 has a few mix of fish, shrimp, snails and plants the 10 gallon is just shrimp, snails and a few plants.
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Sep 22, 2021
Belleville IL US
Greetings from the St. Louis area!

When I stumbled across this forum the other day I remembered barreport from long ago. I was getting out of the hobby but planning a "biotope lite" tank for some time in the future when I had the funds and the location to do it. I remember sitting up pretty late a few nights reading and learning from "that site where the really smart folks are." Fast forward from the early / mid 2000s and after a year or two of occasional research and dreaming (the hobby and knowledge have progressed nicely) I came across a used 110 gallon in the area. Well, here goes nothing! More or less picking up where I left off long ago, reading about the complexities of aquarium nutrients on this forum.

I set up my hardscape today - the water's still clearing but that's per the norm for new setup pics. Needs a bit more rock and I might need to yank one piece out of the really dense tangle, but wouldn't it be so much more fun to leave it in there to obsess over for a few months as things mature? A nice shipment of plants comes tomorrow and a good light should show up next week. Once things are established I'll add a nice school of rasboras, Siamese algae eaters, and a shoal of an as yet undecided rainbow. Was thinking one of the bigger ones, but looking at the space the driftwood takes up I'm rethinking. Plenty of time between now and taking the plunge on high quality stock.

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Nov 10, 2021
Hi everyone!

Greetings from Mexico. I started the hobby as a child, but it was until 2008 that I got my first "acceptable" aquarium where I started playing with plants. Currently I have 2 aquariums, the smallest is a 25L tank that I customize to make it good enough for growing plants, the second is a 60H ADA that I used as a competition tank in IAPLC 2020.
I'm here because of the wealth of information and expertise available in this forum and because by reading the several posts by Mr. Tom Barr, I've been able to understand few things that I considered once well learnt.

By the way, my name is Eduardo (Edward in English)


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Eduardo, I had 15 years in Mexico, all in Sonora. First, Guaymas, then Alamos. Presently, I reside in southern Arizona, but long to return to Mexico.

It was challenging to find acceptable live stock during those days, so I sometimes kept wild fish harvested from tributaries of the Yaqui and Mayo rivers.

Your planted aquarium is stunning. Just gorgeous. Where in Mexico are you located?