Intrducing Me Tom Hamilton


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Aug 4, 2020
I have had aquariums for about 33 years or so. Back about 25 or so yrs ago I was raising and breeding Discus. The hobby was not the same back then, everybody I talked to online said you can't raise and breed Discus in a planted tank. back then W/C were done twice a week, my house was set up so every drop that came out was replaced water with the same parameters and temp and I never had to open a tank lid. my Discus were in Planted tanks And i had a point to prove. So A DISCUS DEMEANOR was born to prove a point.
Sorry about that , now I have 2 tanks a 10gal for shrimp and my 36 Bow front which was my first attempt at a Dutch Style. Now that I started reading Here I don't call it that anymore now it is just the attempt with a lot of plants. The first 4 months were Hell NTS and everything I did just killed plants but I did have more Algae than I new what to do with and I grew it well. I learned from reading all the websites I could about lighting dosing and my favorite "my plants don't look like yours ,what am I doing wrong?" Wrong is not clear cut and so many things look so much alike that Lost was OK. so I started my guess and treat until plants don't die and algae stops growing faster than plants. When I found this place I wasn't good my tank was something I would take a picture of and post AND CLAIM as mine. Breeding Discus 25 years ago was easy compared to growing Plants and View attachment 16295 not algae. View attachment 16296 View attachment 16295 View attachment 16296 View attachment 16295 View attachment 16296