I'm doing it wrong.



Hi guys!

Its been a while since I have posted here - I haven't had algae problems since I started dosing EI!

Well, I got a new tank and new lights.. (ada 90-p with 4x39w t5HO) the lights are 2x10,000k and 2x6,700k. My plants were doing great until I did a water change. I noticed they weren't pearling as usual in the morning. When I got home from work.. algae(string).. lots of it! I understand that my lights are just about overkill for this tank, but I love how it looks. I would like to find a dosing method that fits the lights and the tank.

Here's what I dose:

1/4tsp of aquariumfertilizers.com PMDD daily:

"PMDD Pre-Mix 1 lb contains 1 part each of Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Plantex CSM+B."

Per 1/4 tsp this translates out to:

1/16tsp - Potassium Nitrate
1/16tsp - Potassium Sulfate
1/16tso - Magnesium Sulfate
1/16tsp - Plantex CSM+B

I know that this isn't ideal, but I bought a pack a long time ago and would like to use it up (it is still half full) and then place another order with them to get individual macro nutrients so I can mix it myself!

I do 50%-60% water changes once a week

I have pressurized CO2 on HIGH (the bubble diffuser made for a 90gal is almost maxed out) and the bubbles get blown across the tank by the spraybar of the eheim 2026. On the other end of the tank there is a 125gph powerhead blowing in the opposite direction to get the area underneath the spraybar that wouldn't have enough flow otherwise. I sometimes notice my fish are having difficulty breathing and turn it down (sometimes add an airstone) I would also like to figure out how to get enough co2 in the tank without stressing out my fish! I built a DIY drop checker (via hoppy's guide) But it leaks.. and I need to make another that doesn't! My CO2 turns on and off with the lights.

I think I have told you guys everything. Let me know if I missed anything at all.

So, what do I need to change to have dry nutrients PMDD style EI dosing with what I have? And, how do I get my co2 dissolved in my tank without killing or hurting my fish?