If I had a fert calculator...


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Dec 28, 2009
It would let me...

Input my Tank Size, check off the ferts I like to use, pick how much I would like to dose and the frequency I dose daily, every other day, weekly.

Then input how much I like to mix at a time, and how much I would like to dose. i.e. mix 250ml and dose 1 oz at a time.

The calc would then tell me how much to put in solution, which ferts would go together in case more then one solution is needed. Also the calc would give warnings for over-saturation; that much of x won't dissolve in that volume, and note if HCL or Excel is needed for mold resistance.

Multiple tanks and logging would be a plus.

And all of this would be in an iPhone app of course.

Or maybe it exists already?


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Aug 25, 2006
It doesn't exist. But, you know, fiddling with current tools for your container volume and target dose (and having an easy to measure/lower margin of error dose is smart) will do most of what you want. The rest, I think, is necessary knowledge about the potentially dangerous chemicals (HCl) you're looking for the calculator to do. A good afternoon or two cruising the first two pages and search of a good forum like this one and some old chemistry book before playing with stuff that could harm yourself/your stuff (HCl) or your fish (N, etc) is important.

(and, fwiw, I think HCl is unnecessary when using an opaque container -- which for Fe should be done anyway -- and cool storage space, and even if mold is an issue, I think it smarter to use smaller mixes that are done before mold starts. Or use Excel since it doubles as an algaecide. This is good practice when using things that fall out of solution or oxidize.)

But, and I'm only curious, what would you pay for such an iPhone app?
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