I need a recommendation for a Secondary external canister filter.


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Aug 20, 2010
I have just attached my new AM1000 CO Reactor to my Ehelm classic 2215 canister filter. Which has reduced my inlet flow, which was under powered already for my tank size IMO, and what I've read throw out this site.

So I will keep reactor attached to the 2215, and buy a secondary Ehelm external canister. So my question is which Ehelm filter should I get for my size tank?

First thought was 2217, but now I'm thinking this is too under powered.


Tank: 200 litre
Substrate: Aqua Soil Amazonia II
Light: H36 watt x 2
Height from: 15cm from water surface and 50cm from substrate.
Light time: 10 hours a day
Co2: Pressurised 5 bps
Co2 time: Starts two hours before lights and stops 1 hours before lights.
Drop checker: 4 dKH - Lime green
Filtration: Eheim classic 2215 canister filter with inline AM1000 CO reactor.
Filtration in/out: Glass lily pipes