I Have Landed. I Am A Visual Artist On The Waterfront In Seattle.


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Apr 1, 2020
I have a jungle of house plants that surround 3 aquarium where I create paintings & sculpture. Tanks are two 20's & a 10 gal. planted with co2. Getting educated with cycling/balance & algae fighting.

The 10 is a new dry start. Waiting for new plants to finish arriving as I begin the carpet & foreground. Substrate is an experiment with 3 layers: Amazonia under Eco Complete under Black Diamond with rock hardscape.

Also I am trying an ultrasonic mist maker with a nano fan for humidity & air circulation during the weeks of plant carpeting growth. This tank will be a fresh start to build a healthy plant base with co2 & focus on water quality, ferts & filtering. Looking to move my novice level forward with new knowledge & experience.

Great to have a forum of this depth & quality to enjoy, learn & contribute.