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Hydroton Fact? Used? Information?

Discussion in 'Sediment / Substrate' started by CrisChloe, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. CrisChloe

    CrisChloe New Member

    Jul 16, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Local Time:
    9:12 PM
    Hello guys..

    did you knows about Hydroton or LECA (based on Wikipedia)?

    they told us that is LECA provide more oxygen for the roots better because they will absorb any ion more, include gas or nutrient... is it true?

    If so, could they also absorb CO2 from decomposition organic material in our substrate? or at least hold it?

    and if so, could it be a problem if we use EI with LECA? because they also absorb all nutrient and my thought is impossible to wash it every WC...
    i just wonder if we overdose iron and it will hold more longer... could be a nightmare things...

    so... how about AC? what differents with LECA?

    i don't know what exactly the fact of it because LECA is young agriculture item... but if they are really versatile substrate, can we subtitute any pumice or AC or peat with it?

    i always wondering about LECA, but less people used in aquaria hobby... as Hydroponic farmer just said they good oxygenator because can absorb more water above the soil...


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