Hydroponics Stores


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Dec 15, 2007
There is a Hydroponic Store local that I go an buy my GE t5 StarCoat's 54w
Can any one give me some names of Fret's that can be use for Aquarium Plants , I was talking to the person working about iron but they only had it in liquid forum , I only use it powder . I know they have other thinks that can be use for our use but want to know if any else does and could give me some names of products to get when I go there again.



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May 24, 2009
Montreal, Canada
Hi inkslinger,

That could be tricky... I noticed that a lot of those places seem to package their own products. Different store, different names. After all, the profit margins on prepackaged ferts must be really thin compared to mixing your own.

Last time I needed some iron, I had a hard time finding some of the dry stuff. They of course prefer to sell you the premixed stuff, more money for them. I found one place that had some, I just asked them for chelated trace mix. They told me that they didn't have that. I had to look in their stockroom myself and found some. The minimum analysis was exactly the same as CSM+B.