Hybrid CO2 idea


Junior Poster
Oct 1, 2007
I've got an inline DIY CO2 reactor made from PVC with some bioballs in it. I run it on the inlet side of my canister filter and it does okay. However, I was thinking of using Tom's idea and adding a second airline to the reactor, placing it a few inches down from the top and routing it into a mazzei injector on the outflow side of the canister. The idea would be to have excess CO2 circumvent the canister, get misted and jetted directly into the tank. My GPH is right for the injector. I don't figure the bypass from the inlet side will be sufficient to cause problems with the canister (after all, the injector line is only 1/4"). But maybe I'm missing something and this idea will blow up and spray water everywhere.

What do you all think?