Huge Driftwood - New 110g Tall Setup


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Jun 20, 2016
Sorry been stupid busy these last weeks, barely got the chance to open the PC at home. Hope to catch up with more this evening.

1) Would a moderator be able to change the title of this journal from 90 gallon to 110 gallon?

2) May I start this journal on another forum or blog on it? Or is it proprietary content? I would be updating everything at the same time.

I cannot help you with the first, but for the second, from the Terms of Service :
"You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content."
Just the way I understand it, it is pretty much standard for websites with user uploaded content, just saying you agree that we can use images from the gallery in the plant database for example or to make a copy for backup purpose etc.. This is done however on a common sense and transparent fashion, asking for permission, giving credit and notice etc.
However the copyright stays with you. You are able to start another journal on another site, your own site, sell prints etc.

There are a bit more shadows from the driftwood than I would have thought. The front right corner of the tank is a little obscured and there might not be plants there unless I get a little creative.

I will soak the driftwood in the next couple of days and will play around with the lights / driftwood to see if I can reduce that shadow..

What color of backgrounds are your favorites? I am thinking about putting black vinyl on the back.

Yes just 2 light sources over such a long tank will create deep shadows, but also deep contrast. Good for wow effect. Anubias grow well in shadow if they have adequate flow, maybe you can get some to stick in that place.

Black, white or transparent for background colors. Looking at the room setup I would go for transparent (window foil) as black can overwhelm the room at that high. You also get to the chance to make some cool light gradients behind the tank and highlight all that height.


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Feb 14, 2018
Edmonton, AB
Good Morning!

Apologies for the lack of updates!

I have been busy with school and there hasn't been much to talk about as the driftwood soaks.

It is week two of the driftwood soaking and I have removed most of the tannins for the most part. There will be leaching over time but at least I can see into the tank now.


I moved the Kessil's to the one half of the tank to see what kind of light coverage I could get. Doing this has created a great spotlight effect I really like that I think you might be able to make out in the picture above. My worry with this placement is that it would fry moss of plants I attach to the top of the driftwood. I will keep experimenting with placement. Actually, better yet, I will take a bunch of pictures of different placements when the room is dark for my next update.

I think we are almost ready to add substrate and rocks. Some musings I have had about the hardscape:
  • The plan is to add rocks along the front of the driftwood. Sand substrate on the left and front, and a plant substrate in the back and along the right. The rocks are to create a "shore" and to keep the substrates from mixing.
  • I wish I had access to ADA AquaSoil but there are no dealers within 150 miles of me. It is also ridiculous to ship with the Canadian Dollar being what it is today. As such, I will probably be using flourite or eco-complete for the plants.
  • I might pick up some cheap garden edging to cut up. I wouldn't want sand to get into a porous substrate and make it useless.
  • I have always been partial to petrified wood because it is very easy to work with when creating walls however I am still undecided and open to suggestions. What sort of rocks do you guys feel would create some nice contrast with the wood?
  • I am in search of possibly another piece of malaysian driftwood for the back left corner. This might create some balance for me as I think the tank feels a little off to me. Maybe it's just me.
  • I am not sure if this makes sense but I have always worked my aquascapes from left to right with my focal point being one third in from the left. Having to create an aquascape from right to left with my focal point on the right is completely foreign to me and I think my brain is having trouble processing it :D. Once again, maybe it is just me.
That's all I got for today!

Thanks again for dropping by!

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