How To Get Triangular Christmas Moss Shape.


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Dec 15, 2018
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So far, after two months of tech tech high co2 low temp(72 f), most I've gotten is singular strands with some branching. It originally had that triangular shape when i first got it, so even if its not actually christmas moss, i know it has the ability to at least look like it.
Do you have to wait for the moss to grow out to at least 3 inches in length before the triangular shape develops? if so, does this mean that any trimming would disrupt the formation of the triangular shape, kinda like hitting the restart button on the process.

I have some mini-christmas moss growing as well, it seems develop that nice triangular pattern even when grown emersed, in my current tank it doesn't seem to be having much fun in my tank tho, growth is very slow for a high tech tank, but i can see that triangular shape forming even in new nodes.

I just discovered i actually had java moss, my god was i extremely disappointed. I compared the strands to pictures of java moss and christmas moss online, and it definately looks identical to javamoss.

Guess after having multiple types of mosses for a couple of years I somehow mixed them up..


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Sep 16, 2015
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Very easy to mix mosses. I try to not keep mosses of same growth style in same tanks. They always end up mixing.