how to get hc to pearl?


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Jan 3, 2008
i just got my hc and added it straight in my tank co2 is injected via one of those DIY pipe set ups with bio balls powered by an eheim 2217. bouble rate is 2 fast to count just fast enough that its a constant stream of boubles but not quite fast enough thats its a air stream. i see no boubles comming out of filter at all, output is via spray bar 45 degrees fully submersed.

in my 480L tank its have 8x 54W fluros 12hrs day, PPMD approx 20ml per day give or take just ramped it up from 12ml, in there there is 21 pots of hair grass and 20 5cm squares of hc ripped in 3rds. how long should it take to pearl?

Also can u over dose on PPMD? i used way to much PPMD in my 3ft tank wanted to use last of bottle up drunken s i poured last of bottle in now tank has slight brown tinge like what u would get from drift wood.