How to clean the hair algae from the lilaeopsis


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May 24, 2008
I have started a new tank a month ago (100 l, 54W T8, external filter,CO2 pressurized system (KH 4, PH 6,8) everyday dosing - liquid ferts (65 gr KNO3 and 6 gr of KH2SO4 into 500 ml water), adding a 1 ml per day plus Dupla 24) and it was going very well, until the first prunning, when Green hair algae appeared. I have incresed a bit the CO2 and increased the ferts(now Im adding 2 ml per day) to make sure that the reason is not deficiency. Maybe this slowed down the algae, BUT there are some algae on the lilaeopsis, maybe fuzz algae and I dont know how to get rid of them. The thing is that the lilaepsis is doing very well and I really dont know to cut down almost the half of it. Is there a way to fight this without removing the lilaepsis?

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Nov 21, 2007
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Here's a good thread on algae:

Click on the first link in the first post. Scroll down and hair, thread and other algaes are described with causes and cures given. For me, I've often had thread (maybe hair) algae, especially on a new tank. I just pull it out once a week or so until the tank matures, and it goes away for the most part. Please note that I almost always have shrimp and Otos in my tanks, so they probably help control it. One of my tanks (no shrimp in it) always has a little of this type of algae, but it is so easy to remove that I've never worried about it, but I've never really had so much of it that it becomes an eyesore.