How Much To Dose In New Set Up With Just S. Repens And Crypt Wendtii Only


Feb 3, 2017
New 40 gallon breeder with CO2 injection, Twinstar 900s led, 8hr fhoto period, rocks, drift wood with S. repens and crypt wendtii plants.
I'm going to start off with 6 packs of s. repens and 3 in-vitro cups of crypt wendtii.
I want to try a tank with with a small plant load and just 2 types of plants. It will not be a heavy plant load.
I'll have about 15 to 20 Nano fish, 8 to 10 Otto cats Rams horn snails, trumpet snails, 2 Stiphodons.

In another planted tank with a fairly heavy plant load I'm dosing N P K and Mics every day. N 3ppm - P 1ppm - K 1ppm Mic 0.2ppm
I do a 50% WC every week and I front load dose after each WC.

With a light plant load I don't know if I need to do a front load after a WC? I'm assuming I probably should keep doing this?
I thought I'd cut my daily dosing levels and front load levels in 1/2 to start off.

How does this sound??