How much light for non-CO2 10G?


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Jun 15, 2007
The tank is about 4 months old. It has been from a mid light DIY CO2 to a high light DIY CO2 with EI dosing and back again. I have been fighting different algae issues at every step. I'm now seeking a more simplified setup and like to do away with the DIY CO2. (I think the inconsistance of this setup has contributed to my algae).

1) How many watts should I run over a 10G?

2) How often should I do water changes and how large of a change?

3) Should I add any ferts? I have plenty of the Greg Watson dry ferts from the EI dosing including the Plantex.

4) Currently I have Asian Ambulia, Hygrophila Rosanervig, Star Grass, Baby Tears, and some Crypt that I recently picked up. Will these all do okay in a low light low tech setup?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Jan 24, 2005
Sacramento, CA
If you don't use CO2 don't do regular big water changes. Those introduce CO2 and cause varying CO2 concentration in the water which makes algae problems worse. For light, I would try for more than 20 watts and less than 40 watts. A ten gallon tank doesn't work by the 2 watts per gallon rule - it needs more watts to achieve the same light intensity. Fertilizing will still help, but at a much reduced rate of dosing - maybe once a week with less than half of what the EI recommended dose is.