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How Much Ferts For Just Crypts With Co2 Injection?

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plant Fertilization' started by rs18alpha, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. rs18alpha

    rs18alpha Subscriber

    Feb 3, 2017
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    2:18 PM
    I don't know how much to dose N P K, Micro ppm in my 150 liter with just Crypts??

    I'm using a Twinstar 900s it's on for 7 hours -- a CO2 reactor it starts 1 1/2 hrs before lights on and turns off 1 hr before lights off.

    I'm dosing daily 3ppm KNO3, 1ppm KH2PO4, 1ppm K2SO4 and .2ppm CSMB+
    50% WC once a week.
    Front load after the WC. 9.375ppm KNO3, 1.5ppm KH2PO4, 3.375ppm K2SO4 and 3.75ppm MGSO4 and
    .2 ppm CSMB+

    Before I went to just having crypts only in the tank I had a lot of high light plants. I'm still using the same amount of ferts, light duration and CO2, so I definitely think I'm over dosing and the CO2 is probably too high as well. It's about 50ppm

    I'm seeing a lot of hair algae on the leaves. I know these aren't fast growing plants. I'd like to try a shorter photo period with a lower light intensity less CO2 and lower the dose amounts.

    I'm trying to go with the less is more approach and cut down on maintenance. The Crypts are growing quite well, despite the algae. My phone doesn't take pictures very well, I hope it's good enough?

    I'd really like to get the ppm per dose worked out.. I always seem to have problems with dosing. For that matter, CO2, Light duration and intensity... So pretty much everything. I just can't seem to get this worked out.

    I hope someone can help me??

  2. Pauld738

    Pauld738 Member

    Feb 24, 2019
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    6:18 AM
    Realize it's been awhile since you posted but in case you are still looking...

    Leave lights off for a whole day. Best thing I ever did. I too was dealing with hair algae on slower growing crypts and buces. Since going to 6 days per week schedule, hair algae has cut way back.
    I even have a low tech tank that goes for 2 days with lights off. Huge difference from 7 days/week. Moneywort is growing. Fissidens moss is growing. Same photo period just skip a day or two.
    Of course you need to play around with ferts dosing as well but that break in light schedule is the ticket IMHO.

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