How I Plan My Aquascape

Nov 25, 2019
Jakarta, Indonesia
So I thought I would share on my approach to setting up an aquascape.

I tend to have a spur of the moment inspirational ideas. These ideas begin with seeing other people's work and finding my own twist to the idea. I think it is really important to not copy someone's scape exactly but to analyze how the person has placed his/her hardscape, the plant choices and placement and the overall size of the scape.

When I come up with a concept in my mind, it is really hard for me to get down on paper. Instead I sort of obsess over the concept and think of all the details and plan it all out in my head. This might be hard for some people and that completely normal. But it just works better for me. The reason for this is because no matter how much you plan things can always change. I like to think that it is our natural way of creating a natural scape.

The first thing I think about is the size of the scape I am planning to do. How big will the hardscape pieces be, how much space do I need to adequately fit the hardscape and plants whilst still leaving space for the critters that will live there too. Size for me is very important and it doesn't just fall on what goes in the tank either.

The second thing I consider is the filtration of the aquascape. This is again influenced by the size of the tank, which leads me to think about the placement of the tank because if it is a big scape, it will need a reasonably sized finger that will need a place to fit. Again filter comes after size because I consider the cost. The bigger the tank the more it will cost. So I have to choose wisely based on my budget.

The third thing I then plan out is the hardscape and plants. Obviously I have an initial design in mind and I consider how much hardscape I am going to need. Then it comes to the plants which I think how they will fit into the scape and their positioning. This helps me get a better understanding of just how much of each plant I'm going to need.

The fourth thing I consider is lighting. I put this after the plants because once you know then plants you will house then you can find the appropriate lighting. However, I suggest to just spend the money and get a good light because it will really make a difference. After all, it is a visual hobby right!?

As for CO2? I highly recommend it even if you have a low-tech tank idea. The plants just really do so much better rather than without. And, if you do decide to go with Co2 then just save up and get a proper set like a tank system. Don't go DIY.

If you enjoyed this or have other things to add then post it in the comments. How do you guys plan your scape?

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Happy Scaping Everyone!