How Do You Use Flame Moss In Aquascape


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Aug 4, 2017
North carolina, USA
This moss seems to grow quite fast, I used to have a metric ton of it, but throw most of it away because I couldn't find a way to utilize it.

I thought about using it as a carpet plant, but it seems too uniform - its too straight- to be used as a carpet, it also doesn't spread very well.

Thought about moss trees, but it seems like weeping moss + christmas moss makes far superior looking trees compared to flame moss.

Perhaps it would be best used to make a very spiky, cone shaped tree. However christmas moss or spiky moss would create a better spread and look.

What the heck do you guys use this moss for? Assuming that another type of moss wouldn't be able to do the job better.
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Tim Harrison

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Jul 7, 2017
I tend to use mini Christmas moss.
A moss carpet is okay, but mulm tends to collect under it and it's pretty much impossible to vacuum.
Why not just sell it or donate any proceeds to the running of the forum.