How come my NO3 level does not go down?

Jersey Scape

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Nov 21, 2005
My NO3 level does not really want to go down....I have not added any powders into the tank because I am waiting for the NO3 to drop. It stays around 20ppm so I don't want to add more to it because it will most likely kill my shrimp. On the first week when I set up the tank I overdosed the tank with WAY WAY WAY too much KNO3 but it has been probably 3 weeks since and I have done 3 water changes. The test kits are good because I tested them by taking a test of tap water and it came out "0" ppm.

I do the regular 50% water change every Sunday and I add (1/4 spoon equilibrium) I add 3.75mls of Seachem Flourish three times a week. I have also been adding phosphate (half a grain of rice)

Tank parameters and specs are: 15 gallon tank, 3.66wpg,Co2 34, Ph 6.6, Kh 4.5, eco-complete, 35 shrimp (cherry,bumblebee), 4 neons, 2 ottos and a whole load of snails that keep munching on the algae. The tank is pretty new, less than a month old and most of the plants are less than two weeks old.

Here is the picture.....maybe too little plants? I am also getting the "baked on" green algae on the older leaves and on some glosso.

Can it be from the fact that I don't turn on the lights at the same exact time? Sometimes they go on at 10am and continue for 10 hours and other times it goes on at 2pm and goes for 10 hours.


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Jan 23, 2005
Re: How come my NO3 level does not go down?

js, it could be your test kit.your tank looks real nice.just give it a little might think about investing in a digital light timer,you won't regret it. INTERMATICS are about $25.00 or less and very dependable. imo when using press.co2 everything needs to be a little bit more consistant.regards,cornhusker :) :)