Holes In plants


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Mar 11, 2005
Can you give me a bit of advise I am a bit new to fish/plants also this is my first vist here.
I have two broad leaf plants in my tank that have got a lot of holes in the leaves, and a bit whitish, also some of my other plants are looking a bit poor but are all growing OK, one of the plants is an Amazon sword not sure what the other one is, your help would be appreciated
Ps No snails that I can see

Tank Trigon 190lites
Lights 2x55w T5 (Interpet Triplus&Beauty Lamps)plus Juwel 2x20w Lamps
JBL Pressuised Co2
No2 0
No3 20
Ph 7.2
KH 140
Po4 0.25
FE no iron 0.25
Dosing 5mil Plant gro every other day
Cheers Webbie


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Jan 29, 2005
Re: Holes In plants

Your alkalinity is 140 German degrees? Please tell me that was supposed to be ppm or there was a decimal in there somewhere. That's a lot of baking soda. Your tank must keep your whole house smelling fresh, not to mention the lovely white substrate it must have.


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May 15, 2005
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Re: Holes In plants

Well it's hard to say, but in general holes in leaves mean potassium deficiency. Is that 20ppm No3 from Potassium Nitrate? Also the light color growth may be from lack of Iron/ traces. Looking at your levels I would also recommend to bump up the phosphate to at least 1ppm, but 2ppm wouldn't be bad either. Another thing you can do for your swords is put some Flourish Tabs under them to give them an extra shot of Iron.