For Sale: High Tech Hardware Setup For Sale! $400 Takes All!


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May 28, 2018
Washington DC
The tank is no longer setup, but all the hardware is still available!

I would like to add that I am not willing to part this out and prefer a local sale of the whole setup or we can work out shipping at buyers cost. There are no algae issues.

Link to journal w/ pics:

Here is the list:
BucePlant Co2 regulator +paintball tank adapter w/ brass check valve
24oz paintball Co2 tank -filled at time of tank's setup
Co2 resistant tubing +an extra unused 5'
AFA EI dry fert package
Off brand Lily Pipes
Off brand Drop checker
Fluval Biomax
Fluval activated carbon bags
Fluval bubble counter
Mini measuring spoon set
Cascade Marlin Canister Filter
75 gpd Coralife RO 3 stage unit w/ added pressure gauge- all filters were changed at time of this tank's setup
TDS meter: HM Digital TDS-4TM with digital thermometer
PawFly 16 watt LED
Tank is a 10 gallon AGA with the rim removed
2 appliance timers
Seachem Prime
The stand is from Ikea and has height adjustable feet
Fluval plant substrate
5 gallon water container
Small net

Not currently running on setup, but will include it with the sale.
Silent air pump
Small sponge filter
Air tubing
Air stone
Plastic check valve

Thanks for looking!
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