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Nov 17, 2020
My name is Réda, 32y living in Belgium.
I am relatively new in the hobby since I've started only about 1 year ago.
My first tank was a Juwel Rio 125 with some neon tetras, and a couple of dwarf cichlids really nothing special. When I started watching video's on YouTube (Green Aqua, George Farmer, ...) I got fascinated by aquascaping. So ony 3 months later I bought a bigger tank (juwel Rio 240) and attempted my first nature style aquascape in which I've added rainbow fish (praecox), Amano shrimp, neocaridinas and nerite snails.
Gear: Oase Biomaster 600T, Co2 injection.
Not being completely satisfied by my first attempt, I have set up another tank, a nano ADA 45p (my absolute favorite tanks by the way) with Twinstar S line LED and Eheim classic 150 canister filter. I'm very pleased and proud of the result. (only I'm scared that I will get a bunch of algae because I'm not adding Co2 at all to this one, the guy who sold me everything said that it is possible to have such equipment without Co2 injection. I guess I will open another topic if I can find out where exactly.
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