Hi There! Big Plant Fan (not Necessarily Good At Growing Them, Though...)


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Oct 27, 2019
New England, USA
I am a young man in New England who has had various aquariums over the years, from my current hard water, 400 ppm TDS Aphanius mento tank to a 20-10 ppm TDS (the TDS dropped over the course of the week), blackwater in the 4's licorice gourami tank. Almost all of those tanks have had plants...with varying degrees of success. I tend to have bad luck with stem plants of all types if I use gravel, for example (I consistently break the bottom of the stems trying to plant them in gravel), but my paro tank (with a peat moss/sand substrate or pure peat moss) had good growth of multiple stem plants not usually kept in tanks that soft (golden creeping jenny, for example).

Anyhow, I ask a lot of odd questions, so expect to get deluged with them now that I am on this board. Thanks :)