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Hi soorry for asking again but my plants are not prealing anymore!!

Discussion in 'CO2 Enrichment' started by maxitronix, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. maxitronix

    maxitronix Junior Poster

    Mar 4, 2007
    Likes Received:
    At first after dosing seachem equliblium (GH) as per Tom's advice it started to peral for about one week.But then in the weeks to follow there was no peraling at all. I added i think an too high level of dry ferts and all my malayan shrimps died:( .
    I think it is the improper amounts of dry ferts i add.

    Tank 1 feet by 1 feet by 1 feet =about 7 gallons
    lights are fine 21 watts
    co2 is fine about 22ppm

    Required levels of nutrients
    CO2 range 25-35ppm
    NO3 range 5-30ppm
    K+ range 10-30ppm
    PO4 range 1.0-3.0 ppm
    Fe 0.2-0.5ppm or higher (?)
    GH range 3 degrees ~ 50ppm or higher

    Fertillizers used and level provided
    Lushgrow micros 1 ml
    0.7 iron
    lushgrow aqua 5ml
    0.3 iron
    9.1 potassium
    5.6 nitrate
    1.3 nitrogen

    0.8 teasppon of kno3
    0,2 teaspoon of kh2po4
    4.2 teaspoons of kso4
    7 teaspoons seachem equlibirlum
    in 100 ml of water dose about 5 ml three times a week

    Can anyone tell me how much to dose dry dosing preferredand when (eg a dosing scheldue that works for u) cause I have been experimenting for a week readin the forums and Ei as well as online fert calulators like fert friend or chuck's aquarium calculators and i can't seem to get it right. (the first time it peraled was when i randomly threw it 1/16 teaspoon of each dry fert and liquid fert)

    Chuck aquarium calculators
    Calculating dosages of fertilizer elements for a planted tank
  2. Frolicsome_Flora

    Frolicsome_Flora Guru Class Expert

    Jan 12, 2007
    Likes Received:
    if the plants were lacking in something that you just started dosing, then you would most likely have had a surge uptake, where the plants gourge themselves on a nutrient that theyve lacked.. this would have produced pearling at quite high levels while they caught up with the nutrient theyd not had before. then once that had finished, normal growth would have resumed and things would have slowed down.

    this might be what happened.

    how are you checking co2? a drop checker is the only really reliable way we can tell, and even then.. unless you have a ph meter drop checker your not going to know to that level of accuracy. If your using the kh/ph relationship, then your more likely sitting between 10ppm and about 25ppm, in other words, it might be fine, it might be too little.

    if you follow the link in my sig and install the nutrient calc, youll be able to work out your own EI schedule nicely from that as it was made especially for EI.

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