Hi Guys - High Nitrates Issue


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Jan 15, 2018
Czech republic
So I get water test for nitrates and I really have high levels of nitrates (40 mg/L at least).
I have decided to do a new scape because the plants are not going well and it is the easiest solution. Next time, I will get surface plants like Pistia and even I dont like them so much, I will need fast growing stem plants. Thats the only way how to get nitrates out of water.
I also get 1L of Seachem deNitrate which I will put into canister filter.

I am thinking about hardscape... Not so experienced with that.


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Jan 15, 2018
Czech republic
So I remade my tank -
My first try didnt go well, so I decided to start again with learning from mistakes:
- in small tank with CO2, ferts etc you need to do water changes, I will do something like 30% twice a week after tank will be well runned.
- you need to know you water parameters...
- better to use powder type of soil in a small tank, and in my experience planting into japan soils sucks... I hope it will be better with Powder type.

- 33L low-iron glass tank (30 x 30 x 35 cm)
- LED 15W cool white "work light"
- Eheim classic 250 2213 (440L-hour), spraybar?
[1L Seachem de*Nitrate, 250ml Seachem Matrix, some sponges up and down]
- Eheim Jager 50W heater
- Platinum Soil Black Powder substrate (cheaper kind of ADA Amazonia - tested in Polish here
- no hardscape
- CO2 set, inline diffuser

- Tropica Plant Growth Specialised Fertiliser
- liquid carbo each day?
- 30-40% waterchange twice a week
- Tetra Aquasafe
- Seachem Stability


- 1 Betta splendens Super Delta Blue/Red

Eleocharis parvulus
Rotala wallichii
Rotala russila
Limnophila sessiliflora
Pogostemon helferi
Echinodorus Rubin Narrow Leaf

Pistia stratiotes

Tap Water
Fe 0,03 mg/l
pH 7,44
Hardness 2,94 2-3,5 mmol/l
NH4+ ionts < 0,01 mg/l
NO3- 35,78 mg/l
NO2− < 0,00 mg/l
Chlorides 19,77 mg/l
Organic carbon 2,31 mg/l
Free Cl 0,04 mg/l


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Jan 15, 2018
Czech republic
Hi, it's me again.
The plants were delivered at Tuesday, I planted them immediately. I planned Blyxa originally, but bought Echinodorus Rubin narrow leaf instead. Well, I am somehow prepared that it can grow huge. The seller told me, that if I plant the two next to each other, they will compete for nutrients and remain smaller. Hope so.
So, this is today photo:

Some others in albums on Google:
1st Day
3rd Day
5th Day - today

I have changed water several times, dosing Liquid Carbon every day, also dosing Seachem Stability everyday or so.