Hi From Jakarta, Indonesia

Nov 25, 2019
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hello Fellow Aquascapers,

My name is Josh and i am a British Citizen who has been living in Indonesia for the past 18 years. Before that i was living in Malawi Africa. I have always been somewhat of a nature person mainly focusing on the adventure side of things. I was also a scuba diving instructor in previous years too.

Now i am settled with a family, i recently just set up a tank for my son which i have turned into my own project (son not old enough to do it himself). I had planned to start Aquascaping for a long time but the timing was not right, until now! I plan to create many scapes in the near future as well.

My first scape is still underway as mistakes were made and changes needed to be done, and maintenance to allow for a full and lush tank. Joined this group to gain insights from others and learn from them too.



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Nov 13, 2019
Not many aquascapers group activity in batam. They did 2 small events this year as i remembered. i m not sure about another avtivity in another group coz they are devided into 3 small group here [emoji20].
I met a group who go for “hunting” (we named it) in to the local jungle for plants and fishes every once a month.
Sadly, the equipmenst are more expensive in batam than jakarta[emoji28]

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