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Aug 15, 2018
Hello all,
I restarted my 20 gallon tank with ADA Amazonia soil and CO2(Consant power outages last summer forced me to tear it down). I never had problems before cycling my tank but I am afraid the ADA is causing me a massive headache. After a little over a month my ammonia levels have stayed exactly the same. As it turns out my water is really soft and from the tap it comes out at 7.2 Ph and 3 dKh. In the tank, I assume with my ~1.5BPS and ADA soil my Ph might be dropping a point below 6PH but at the current moment because of the coronavirus I cannot get my hands on distilled water to calibrate my pH meter. After the first month my dkh dropped to nill(I had not kept track of it throughout the cycling period). I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and whether or not my tank will cycle at ~5ph and 2dkh. 24hrs after a 75% wc my dkh went from 3dkh to 0dkh. Will it cycle with 0dkh? I came across some reads that stated that BB likes to use carbonates to multiply. I'm at a complete loss as usually my tanks would normally complete their cycle within 3-4 weeks. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
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