Help with EI dosing


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Feb 22, 2008
Meadville, PA
I have a 55g aqarium with 130w lighting(2.36wpg.)
about 40g. water volume
Pressured CO2 (drop checker is green 4dkh)
Substrate is mostly flourite w/ some gravel & aquatic pond soil(gravel)
Water is 5.5dKH, 8dGH (using 1/2 tap & 1/2 filtered rain water in order to better accomodate L. curvicep dwarf cichlids)

Plants are 2 a. swords, 1 ozelot sword, 6 j. val, microsword, several g. crypts, java moss, many ludwigia, 1 n. anubias, 2 coffefolia, small forest of d. sag., couple stems cabomba.

I would guess to say that it is about 75/80% planted.

Does the following EI dosing sound Okay to you? I just doubled the EI recommendations for a 20g. aquarium since the volume is about 40g. in my aquarium but am not sure if maybe I should've tripled it since it is a 55g aquarium?

1/2 tsp. KNO3 3x/week
1/16 tsp. KH2PO4 3x/week
10 mL Flourish (what I currently have) 3x/week (off days from macros)
1/4 tsp Equilibrium after water change

Is the Equilibrium necessary with 5.5dKH & 8dGH? I'm thinking it might be since I am using 1/2 filtered rain water (0 KH & GH) in the water mix. But I'm not sure since my logic is feeling kind of fuzzy on this? With the Equilibrium added it should give me 6.5dKH & 9dGH correct? Or maybe I shouldn't even be concerned about that.

Also, any opinions on the amount of lighting? Little too much maybe to keep things on the simpler side with the CO2 dosing or is it okay?