Help with dying plants.


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Oct 1, 2005
I just set up a 90g tank about 2 weeks ago and am having problems with some plants. The biggest problem is with my egeria densa, they lost their color and are dying off and I am not certain as to why. My Hygrophilia Polysperma is groing although a number of leafs have black spots, plus my crypto's all seemed to melt after I planted them but have rapidly grown new leaves that seem to be a little crinkled. My Anubias and Java ferns seem to be doing well.

This is a non co2 tank. 90 gallon(actual volume 79 not subtracting for decorations and substrate etc) 2*55w PC lighting.

Water readings:
PH: 7.0
KH ~2 degree
GH ~1 degree
NO3 = 5 ppm
PO4 = 10ppm
I am currently waiting on a water report to see what the actual city water is. (The water is from the Green River in Washington)

So far I have added:
1/2 tsp KNO3
3/4 tsp baking soda to raise KH
1/2 tsp mg and ca.
20ml traces(Florish trace)

I currently only have 5 Black Tetra in the tank.

Any input on what I am missing to cause the egeria densa to die, or my doseing in general would be appreciated.

I hope I didn't mis spell the plant names to bad. :rolleyes: