Help With 90gal Lighting


Jan 5, 2018
Watertown, wisconsin
Hello folks, im looking for some advice on lighting i need for medium to high light plants. I have a 90 gallon 48x18x24. This a tank fully stocked with rainbow fish and low light plants. Crypts, vals, anubias, and a few stems. Ludwigia, and rotalla. Plants are in pretty poor shape, and the tank is not as bright as id like. I want to be able to grow most plants. Stem plants and some lower carpeting plants. Im not looking for high light for plants such as baby tears. So i think id be happy being solid in the medium light range, where i can use EI dosing with ferts.

I currently have a single Current Satalite plus pro. Its a great light however low par at the substrate. Reports say around 30 or less par at the substrate. My question is, what lighting can i add to bump me into solidly into medium light range still using my one light i have without dropping another $300 on a second plus pro. Would adding a finnex light be sufficient to get me there? I do have concernes with them as there quality control seems to be lacking. Im also looking to be able to adjust intensity. Thanks for your help.