help~~which algae it is and how to solve?

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Looks like green dust as it ages.
You likely have it bad.

I'd do a few things, one is get a good hold of the CO2. Then do several water changes and clean the tank and leaves as best you can each time, generally 2 days apart.

Add Excel.

Add a lot of Amano shrimp, they will clean the plants in less than a week.

Add a good filter, more filter, or use a micron filter, eg HOT Magnum or a diatom. and a UV if you have one.

Doing all this will certainly help and improve things a lot no matter what species you have, but I recently had this same looking tank and redid it(see the Quarantine tank thread).

Tom Barr


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Jan 24, 2005
Sacramento, CA
19C is a pretty low temperature for an aquarium that isn't dedicated to cool water fish. And, not all plants do well at that low a temperature. Why not increase the temperature to around 20-22C? The better the plants grow the less likely you will have algae.


Aug 5, 2007
so it is green dust algae,
but i heard that it will not grow on plant (usually on the glass of tank) because some reasons which i don't know.

ok, thank you tom.

next, may i know the details?
get a good hold of the CO2
how do i know co2 is *good*?
i don't have pH controler but pH monitor.
everytime i just increase a little co2, then the fish all gather under surface of water.

do several water changes
how many % each time?

how many ppm?

Add a lot of Amano shrimp
my tank is about 50 L, how many do you suggest?
may i use Neocaridina denticulate which is cheap instead?(but everytime i add Neocaridina denticulate to my tank, and they die all in 3 days. why? low pH? my pH = 6.3-5.8 )

see the Quarantine tank thread
you mean this?

beside, about the temperature. i do not raise it because last winter i didn't too, and both the fish and plant look well.
today, it back to 21 degree C.
still thanks VaughnH.