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Help please with tank construction questions

Discussion in 'Off Topic and Chat' started by Noel, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Noel

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    Oct 22, 2009
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    I plan to build multiple glass tanks for a tank rack and have no previous experience. Each tank will have length x width x height measurements equal to 18"x10"x12".

    Each tank will be constructed with its side panes on top of the base plane. The rear pane (one of the two shorter side panes) will have a hole drilled into it to accommodate a bulkhead.

    I would appreciate advice with the following:

    1. Is 6mm glass all round necessary because of the bulkhead, or can I go thinner?

    2. Should the longer side panes span the length of the tank and the shorter panes fit inside them or would it be stronger for the bulkhead if the shorter panes span the width of the tank and the longer sides fit inside them?

    3. I have read elsewhere that the inside panes should be cut to a size to allow for a silicone fillet of depth 1mm or more between the panes depending on the tank size and that this provides the structural seal while the silicone inside the tank protects this seal. What fillet depth should I allow for?

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