Help Needed in Settling into Schedule


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Mar 29, 2005
Dayton, Ohio
Re: Help Needed in Settling into Schedule

Cornhusker said:
matpat, never dump fish in a tank,allways acclimate them slowly.the rummynose can play dead on you also.they are like cardinal tetras,need to be slowly acclimated,very slow if you want them to live.they both are very touchy fish at first,but they can also live a long time.i had a rummynose for six years.they are beautiful fish. regards,cornhusker. :) :)

I rarely acclimate my fish (unless they are expensive) and rarely have a problem with fish deaths. There seem to be two different thoughts on this and I chose the lazier one :) This was a first for me and given the quickness of the symptoms, I am assuming it was a CO2 issue.


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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Help Needed in Settling into Schedule

matpat,your not alone,i too have been guilty of dumping fish in the past. but when you keep loosing fish you start wandering what your doing wrong. i've finally realized that your local fish store has a ph of about 8 and your own tanks are in the lower 6's, that is too much difference.when a guy spends $35 for a pleco you tend to be a little more careful. i also use a quaranteen tank.just like any hobby you live and i only loose a fish because i tweek co2 too close to limit. '' da! not too smart'' regards,cornhusker :) :)


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Oct 7, 2005
Re: Help Needed in Settling into Schedule

PMC: Have you had any luck with your regulator? I got the second one a few days ago and... it does the same thing.

Before I send it back I wanted to see if there is an easy fix for it... It seems some people have no problems with it while others so.


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Oct 24, 2005
Re: Help Needed in Settling into Schedule

PK1: It seems to be working o'k A few weeks ago I followed the advise in that rant thread I sent you and set the lower pressure to 30psi. My focus has shifted to attempting to root out staghorn algae, so I'm no longer constantly checking my bubble count. I'm now checking it daily by testing my pH and its seems fairly steady. I think the stock needle valve is not as good as it should be but is sufficiently reliable if you are working it at 1 bubble per second or more.