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Help needed building Matheson 3104c

Discussion in 'CO2 Enrichment' started by kwheeler91, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. kwheeler91

    kwheeler91 Junior Poster

    Dec 20, 2009
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    2:14 PM
    So I bought a used Matheson 3104c a couple days ago. I have yet to recieve it but I want to get all the parts I need ordered so I can get it a going as fast as possible. That being said im a noob as far as co2 regs go. I have been keeping planted tanks for about 6 years now though so not a total noob. Im going to use the noob guide from this site (dont remember who wrote it but thanks) as a template because all the part numbers, well most parts, are already listed and it looks simple. Here are the parts as they appear on the list I intend to use all to be ordered from swagelok per the OP's recommendations :
    (I changed the "SS" to "B" because I want brass to keep costs down)
    (needle valve)
    B-2c2-1/3 (male threaded check valve)
    B-6MO-7-2 (swagelok tube adapter replaces JBJ bubble counter)
    B-6M5-4M (tube insert)

    The only other things I will need are a solenoid (planning on burkert) and the cga 320 nut and nipple. The guy who im buying the reg from said he had an aluminum one laying around i can have for free. Is this acceptable or shoud I buy a brass one?

    Also I will need a plug for the extra port, from what I have read and seen in pics the 3104c has two outlets. Does anyone know the part number for one of these from swagelok or otherwise?

    I appreciate any help. Im on a budget so getting it right the first time is essential. Trying to keep it under $200 in total and right on track as long as this isnt horribly wrong.*

    I should mention if anyone has a post body laying around that would fit this shoot me a pm. 1/4" NPT port... I think*

  2. Matt F.

    Matt F. Lifetime Charter Member
    Lifetime Member

    May 30, 2009
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    2:14 PM
    The parts you mentioned are correct for a 90* output build. Assuming the output is at 9 o'clock, the parts you mentioned will work.
    I would suggest getting extra ferrules (10 come on a arbor) and tubing inserts in case you need to change your tubing. These parts are cheap and should be kept on hand.
    Typically I go for brass or stainless CGA 320s, but an aluminum one should work.
    The B-4-HP is the correct part number to seal off a 1/4" NPT port, but it's a special order item. You can get the stainless version, which should be in-stock if you use this part number: SS-4-HP.
    Some of the old Mathesons require a CGA stem with fine threads. The Model 8s do for sure. Not sure about the 3104c. That one might be standard 1/4" NPT.

    Hope this helps.

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