help me make my new 60 ube setup as perfect as possible tom


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Jul 3, 2007
hello its been almost 2 months since i moved out to Massachusetts and ive been aquarium-less ever since.

tonight i took the initiative and ordered a 60 gallon cube sapphire glass aquarium from
the dimensions of the tank i ordered are 24"x24"x25" so almost a perfect cube some of my favorite tanks are cube gardens so i decided to go that route.

my belief is that depth plays a very crucial role in the presentation if a successful aquascape, I have set up many tanks in my day and have made many mistakes, however i learn from every mistake i have made.

i plan on making this new scape my best yet, by buying the right equipment the first time and doing things correctly right from the get go. Tom barr has showed me that the better flow your tank has the healthier your plants will be via adequate nutrient distribution though the entire tank even in the areas of high plant density which is whyI have already ordered a 5 ply jebo cannister filter which has a flow of 396 gallons per hour giving the 60 cube 6.6 complete turnovers per hour.

I have also ordered a 24" 380W Metal Halide HQI and dual power compact VHO light fixture which will give my tank 6.3 watts per gallon.

my substrate choice will be ADA amazonian 1 powder form I plan to do an iwagami style rock formation using rocks collected from a local river with a very heavily sloped substrate so the back of the tank will be much higher than the front giving the tank a sense of depth.

total damage- about $650 dollars

my hard scape is going to be the biggest challenge as i want to make it very balanced yet subsequently very dynamic. I still have a lot of thinking and planning to do but i will post pics of my tank when it arrives in about a week or so. until then all I will be doing is collecting rocks and planning the best possible rock hard scape I can.

Tom if you have any suggestions on how to improve my setup and or which equipment to purchase I will be greatly appreciative thanks for your time Regards, Kyle