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Help me getting my traces work

Discussion in 'Advanced Strategies and Fertilization' started by Petex, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Petex

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    Jan 1, 2011
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    10:48 AM
    I tried some weeks ago to mix my own traces with strong chelates (EDDHA, DTPA and so on),
    I added daily: 0,06ppm Fe / 0,03ppm Mn / 0,001ppm Boron / 0,0006ppm cu / 0,0009ppm zn / 0,0004ppm mo
    This first trace mix was pretty worst. Very poor plant grow, small leafs with unhealthy dark green colour.

    OK, so I maked a stronger traces mix and the new ratios are a little bit like Green Thumbs Micro. I am now adding daily:
    0,06ppm Fe (1:1:1 Fe-EDTA, Iron(III)citrate, Iron(II)Gluconate)
    0,02ppm EDTA-Mn
    0,004ppm Boron
    0,0028ppm EDTA-cu
    0,0024ppm EDTA-zn
    0,0008ppm mo
    0,0002ppm Ni
    0,00014ppm co
    0,00012ppm li
    0,00010ppm al
    0,00010ppm va

    (Mg, K, N03, Po4 is added from my NPK fertiliser)
    Since I am dosing more Copper, Zinc and Boron = many plants show now good colours aand are starting to grow fine, but not all plants.
    Some plants remain looking dark green and it doesn´t look like any iron or manganese deficiency.

    So, my question is now:
    # What traces are too low (or perhaps too high) in my mix?
    # What deficiency causes dark green leafs?

    thx. Peter
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